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Wednesday Milan Musings

Where do you fall on this season!?

Claudio Villa

Below you will find the seven stages of grief, and with the doom gloom of the comments of late it seems it is time to share and discuss.

1. Shock and Denial

This one is my favorite, it comes in all shapes and sizes.  Shock that this team is not very good, or denial that it is bad.  Do you aim at Max or Berlu or Fester?

2. Pain and Guilt

Are you a sociopath who feels neither, or do you inflict your pain on others?  I deal with pain and guilt by drinking Heinekens during Milan matches and remembering to good old days. Hey I have been a fan for near 20 years it is easy for me to remember the good times.

3. Anger and Bargaining

Are you lashing out?  Do you self deprecate, and whoa is me your Milan fandom?  If so, try rooting for Roma or Fiorentina, their volume of titles and time in the CL (or lack thereof) should free up some time for you.  No trophies to polish and no midweek matches...wait Roma isn't even in the Europa league!?

4. Depression and Reflection

Typically I don't feel neither, I had my good times.  But I enjoy some reflection, usually aimed at management.  I reflected on the failed buys: Dinho, KJH, and Pato or the sales with no returns: Silva and Zlatan.  I sometimes reflect on the blog, the Club and the comments.  Forget depression, try reflection!

5. The Upward Turn

Hey it could be worse, I have seen a few scudettos, a few CL's and a lot of good football.  Frankly I can't be mad, and it can always be worse.  You could be a Roma or Viola fan, note the lack of silverware and CL football.  Or worse you can be a Lecce fan, now that is rough.  If you were fortunate to choose Milan in the last three years and this down turn is a problem for you, try some reflection...more on that later in the International Break.

6. Reconstruction

The team and you can partake.  Start with expectations!

7. Acceptance and Hope

I hate hope, I don't get it or believe in it.  It's like luck, it is just an excuse.  So focus on acceptance, this year is going to be rough, accept it, enjoy it even.  Because I keep saying, I have seen the good, and rarely have to see the bad.  We can afford it, if it means a better future.

Where are you on the seven stages...

Hopefully you enjoyed the side laugh, back this week with some International Break and Tactics stuff.