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Milan 1 Lazio 1

More shots, more possession, but yeah let's blame the Coach...

Claudio Villa

The first 45 minutes were clinical, possession was nearly 60/40 and Milan were holding Lazio shot-less. Hernanes was a ghost and Klose looked a like a awkward 14 year old chasing girls way out of his league. The problem with outplaying the other team is that if you don't execute it comes back to bite you in the ass. Well today it bit Milan pretty square, and in true Milan fashion what looked like a sure fire three points, is a draw, and the simple question why can't these players keep a lead.

It took 54 minutes for Kaka to electrify the San Siro, deployed in what appeared to be his old role, tucked behind the strikers in more of an XMAS tree than a 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2, it was a fluid formation that allowed Milan to create chances and win the midfield battle with numbers and short organized passing. It was not the prettiest of football, and a bit lateral times bordering on mundane, but it was effective and efficient. The pass from Balotelli led Kaka perfectly for a cracker shot, a culmination for a great match from a Kaka, but a lone star in a stinker for Balotelli. At some point in the next few days we have to talk about Balotelli, as I am not happy, but today is not that day.

16 minutes Milan held that lead, it felt like eternity, in fact Milan probably hasn't held a lead for that long this season unless they have kept a clean sheet. It was a missed mark and ball watching on the shoulders of Zapata this time, and while many will shake their head and say why do we keep conceding these sorts of goals. One must look only at the player's failed execution, say what you want about the Coach, but in any other sport a failure like that rests with the player. Here it doesn't because like the title said, we need to let the nonsense begin.

70 or so minutes of solid football squandered. A draw that needed to be win, and the silver lining forgot and squandered. This is not a good football team, not by any stretch of the imagination. I said this following the Parma loss, and simply will continue to say it again and again. This team is representative of the investment made by the management of this Club, and frankly if I look at the youth in the squad or players on the bench I don't see this being fixed any time soon. I rather sarcastically the other day said, blow it up, the whole thing. FIRE EM ALL, top to bottom, because it is clear, starting with the fans, that nobody is willing to invest a damn thing in this Club anymore. No patience, no money and no time, and when that happens you are left with the few, those willing to keep calm and weather the storm because for me there is no other option.