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Parma 3 Milan 2

But so little impact.

Marco Luzzani

I start where it ended, there were two players in recent memory who are guilty of what happened today. For me ducking in a wall is simply inexcusable. There is no better way to relegate oneself not only to the bench but on the shit list of any Coach, and worse to go from hero to goat in the span of near thirty minutes, what Matri did was inexcusable. Quick bit of triva, the last guy to do that was run out of town, his name was Pato...

Apart from the foolish mistake, today's match was one of sheer grinta. For a team to go down two goals, only to fight back, one must commend the effort. Yes it is a bit ironic that it was Parolo, a former Allegri request, scoring two out of the three goals and bossing the match, the third came from none other than Cassano. The portly little wonder is no less an asshole for his previous transgressions, but he still knows how to play football. But Milan once again proved a simply mediocre when it came to execution.

Balotelli was listless, Constant a nightmare when tested on the wing, while Zapata's late foul on Sansone gave Parma a chance to win the match. At the end of the day you ask yourself if the team played good enough to deserve a win and the simple statement is no. Poor in possession, lazy on the press, and even the goals seemed to be more fortuitous then brilliant. Matri scored his first for the Club, ten years after his Club debut, but he made his bed. While Silvestre continues to prove that he is the CB this team needs while he awaits a proper partner. Kaka played a second consecutive decent match, but continues to only flash his old self instead of sustain. Saponara was given a run out at the end of today's match, but it was merely a taste for the the supposed "future" of the CAM position for AC Milan.

An away game against a solid, albeit beatable, Parma team with no points only furthers the point that has become painfully evident. This team is not good enough in any facet. It doesn't get any easier, with a visiting Lazio midweek, a Milan bogey team for the last three seasons.