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Matchday VIII: Milan v Udinese

Do we come out swinging or sagging?

This game was supposed to be played behind closed doors, thanks to the player's recent forms it may appear like the San Siro doors are closed!? Neither team is the poster child for defending, and historically these games have been crackers. I expect this one to be no different! Udinese and Toto DiNatale continue to be the little engine that could, while Milan is sputtering out of the station. Our defense will need to a strong performance, but depending on who is fit or awake (based on Zapata's latest remarks), conceding 2-3 is a real possibility.

I have to imagine form a tactical perspective Max will deploy a team deep and willing to counter as prep for Barcelona mid-week. Should be interesting if a team who hasn't executed the simplest of game plans all season can change that. See you all Saturday!