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WTFF! Do we hang with the players or simply hang them?

My WTF Friday is a result of the recent comments and mood with regards to our squad performances, decision making of the coach and apparent lack of a clear road map being used by the management. Yes it all sucks but i sense the default mood appears to be that we simply stick the boot in as opposed to rallying behind the Red & Black banner?

The crux of the issue I want to raise is.......when the chips are down, do we back our boys to keep their heads up or do we heckle because we simply cant take another half-assed, lilly livered performance??

Well, its a multi-faceted question and so is the response which i need to qualify with the fact that during my 1st ever game at the San Siro……..….i heckled Seedorf!

The game was played during Maldini’s farewell season and couldn’t really decide which game to opt for but in the end I chose to watch the last game Maldini would play at home against The Grande Old Lady as over the years i always thought of Juve as the only true competitors we had and there had been many epic games over the seasons that for me encapsulated the best of Serie A over the years.

In the game we took the lead only for Juve to equalise a short while later, as the clock ticked on i couldn't ignore the whistling from the home fans whenever Seedorf passed the ball horizontally across the park or even worse, he would pass the back all the way back to defense….facepalm.

It was my first game at the San Siro, surely the Footballing Gods wouldn’t let me go all the way to Italy just so I could witness a 1-1 draw? …..Would they?? Surely they know that this is the last time Maldini will play Juve at the hallowed San Siro yes?? I was getting nervous, we hit the 75th minute still tied, I could take any chances “Pass it forward you d*ck!” I screamed at one of the best players we have had in the last 15 years. I recall seeing a guy in the row in front of me throw his hands up in the air in defeat as another Seedorf pass went back towards our own backline……this guy then actually stood up and turned his back to the pitch…..he saw me looking at him and he just shook his head….i could read the disgust/helplessness in his gesture…….i simply carried on shouting at Seedorf until I was hoarse, in the end it didn’t matter, it finished 1-1, a draw, this is what I got for following Milan all these years and then finally showing up in person? A draw? For Maldinis last few games? My 1st ever visit suddenly had a bit of a bitter tinge….F*ck you Seedorf I thought to myself as I made my way down the spiral pillars of the San Siro to go back to my hotel room.

But we aren’t in Maldinis last season, this isn’t about giving a player a send off, its about day to day business and at the moment no one is really delivering, the players, coach or the Management.

I can recall as a youngster some seasons not getting to watch Milan and all I could do is go down to the local paper shop and hunt for the one inch column in the Monday papers that gave the weekends Serie A results. Sometimes I read that we lost…..i would take it in and wince and then simply wish that my visit to check the results the following week was a happier one but i have always "supported" them no matter what, even during what me and Gian refer to the "Wildnerness Years" where we were just flip-flopping between coaches and players and mid table finishes.....i just knew that we would get back to where we belong and never gave up on that belief.

So do we boo them to gee them up or do get behind them to try and lift the players during a pretty black period? I for one will be treating things as one game at a time and will begin every match with a expectation of the players & coach looking to deliver, I will be looking for the small positives as that is genuinely how bad things are for us at the moment.

As we get back into a run of games including Barca where will you find yourself?