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Musings During an International Break

Complaining, the way I see it, is a privilege not right.

Claudio Villa

I haven't historically been one for these touchy feely posts about why like Milan, where you are from, or what your favorite food is. I do enjoy learning about each and every one of you in the comments, how Paul is a Mactard like me, Ralph went to UCONN and Avia like's Berlusconi's daughter (cringe at Pato's sloppy seconds). The point is I like that spontaneous personal touch in the comments. I did however write this and later this and both tracked a lot of comments and it got me thinking about all this complaining going on. YTOWN emailed me, and maybe he was being sarcastic, but he said this about the time in which I check out. Everyone complains and they don't let things play out, I feel his pain...

Personally I think many of us are quite fortunate to be Milan fans. Had I been born in my father's hometown, it was likely I may have been a Napoli fan or worse a Benevento fan. Benevento currently plies their trade in First Division of Serie B, the doldrums of Provincial Calcio. I would proudly go to the stadium, because Benevento can't watch those matches on TV, and support my team through thick and thin. The highlight of Benevento's nearly 100 years...almost making it to Serie B and actually physically being refounded as a Club in 2005. There were no titles, trophies, or CL football to complain about...hell there wasn't even football to complain about for a few seasons while they sorted out their financial worries. The point is being a Milan fan, even in the worst days is not all that bad.

Now truth be told, I harbor a strange ill will to Milan fans who have magically joined the ranks post 2007. In fact I wrote this:

If you were fortunate to choose Milan in the last three years and this down turn is a problem for you, try some reflection...more on that later in the International Break.

This ill-will is not directed to anyone in particular and you don't even have to tell me when or how you became a fan, but I get a frustrated that fans who come to find, fall in this bucket, have troubles with the team's current state of affairs. Do you want to see troubles? Ask Avia about troubles? 1997 was troubles, even Cappello and Sacchi the man the myth the legend couldn't salvage that Titanic. 2005, arguably the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD, only to be embarrassed in Istanbul. These were things to complain about, but do you know what most of us did? We picked up the pieces, accepted what was handed to us and moved onto the next one. This notion may not resonate with younger fans or newer fans and again not saying you are not allowed to be a fan of this Club, who I am to grant that, but understand that football, sports even, are cyclical.

I guess in this modern society of instant gratification, at thirty years old that statement makes me feel painfully old, nobody can wait a year or two or three or ten to win something anymore! We have to win now!!! Why exactly, I am not sure, but every team has its struggles to contend with. For those admiring Fiorentina and Napoli in their current form, you should do some research. In the last ten years both teams were relegated to balance their books, both teams had to be formed under new names, both teams had to ply their trade in Serie B. So sure you can admire them now, but talk to a 25 year veteran fan of Napoli and Fiorentina and ask them if they would trade places with you then and now...they won't, it's that simple. Those colors chose them and they stuck with it.

The moral of the story here is simple, if you want to complain fine. But in life and football, you need to earn the right to complain and you need to acknowledge that no matter how bad being a Milan fan may feel to your right now, it can always be worse...