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Milan Transfer News and Notes

Twitter Strikes Again...

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

This week's WTF Friday comes from Sunday's comments section referencing twitter...bipolar much!?

Some comments off Milan bloggers with thousands of followers on twitter

1st minute- " GOOOOOAAAL. "
10th minute- " The most hideous Milan team in more than a decade and Juve already resorting to dives to draw level to them …"
30th minute- " Apart from 30 seconds of lucky brilliance, Milan has been terrible as usual. "
half time – " Amazed by how much of the ball Milan have in this game. Allegri’s lumberjack midfield is performing admirably. "
still half time- " Biggest problem w/Milan is they have only 2 players on field with skill. Only 2. Montolivo and Robinho. This is not Milan. "
still half time- " How many players currently starting for Milan would even have a roster spot ten years ago? Maybe two? Monty, De Jong.
75th minute- " Hopefully that mushroom Allegri starts giving time to the future (Saponara) instead of players who will be retired in two seasons. "
90th minute- " Juventus sweating a bit too much against a team that fielded an XI that is Bologna-worthy. "
after the final whistle- "Juventus took it easy on us. I don’t want to see Allegri’s face following the international break. "

Not even sure where to start with this. I mean at what point is enough, truly enough!? Who calls someone a mushroom and then calls for a player who has ZERO game time this season against Juventus AWAY no less!??!? If anyone is a mushroom it is the person behind that tweet!? Not going to keep ranting about this, but as always if you tweeted these feel free to come and be accountable and in case you didn't know or you maybe don't like your public tweets being made public again for my personal enjoyment then...

Just a note, WTF Friday is meant to be my personal soapbox. If I said something that caused you to have a WTF?! moment, tell me! If you are responsible for the WTF moment and you want to say your piece please do, we are all waiting. It helps to have some accountability every now and then.