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CL Group Stage: Ajax v Milan

A win gives us six in the Group!?

Seems like as a child there was no CL without Milan versus Ajax, now it seems like as an adult things have stayed the same. It is not that I don't respect or enjoy Ajax, but frankly seeing them in their current state, and seeing us in sort of mire of mediocrity is sobering. The 1995 CL Final still remains engrained in my mind, at a time where these two Clubs were bar none the best in the World. Buying players from each other and trading blows on the World stage. Now all that remains is the name on the badge, the Legends have come and gone, and the team's struggle to find the identity of what once was on a shoestring budget. While teams like PSG and ManCity spend beyond their means, Milan and Ajax have come forward under the guise of fiscal responsibility, when in reality it is more like fiscal limitations. How the mighty have fallen...

Enjoy this one, it will be entertaining for those who prefer that grinding football. For those who do not, it is a CL day, so watch something else and spare us the complaining!