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Milan 2 Siena 1

Nothing Wrong with Winning Ugly

Paolo Bruno

First and foremost thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's live commentary during the match. Not always fun to endure streams but the banter here makes it a fun experience. If you haven't come in for a game, I recommend you do. Because we said so much yesterday, I will hit on a few points today.

- DeSciglio as a CB was born out of necessity, but it won't help his progress. At fault for the Siena goal, the whole defense looked nervy. Everyone seems poised to run back and fill in and while keep a clean sheet looked to be an objective, it once again failed. Thank goodness for the match winning second goal, but more on that later. Acerbi looks comfortable on the ball but playing him in the pressure role without a proper compliment may be a problem. I would prefer he plays on the other side and let Zapata and Mexes fight it out for the other place. Why has Astori not yet arrived again!?

- The team looked rusty in attack and sometimes extended breaks will do that. Allegri turned to the 4-3-1-2 and while it was touted and deployed as a 4-3-3 it didn't take long for Prince to drop into the hole and receive the ball. Problem was neither team had any bite in the attacking third and while El Sharaawy created chances for himself, sometimes even in a triple team, Milan needed some additional attacking options get going. Bojan for Noce was a solid move by Allegri, Nocerino was a bit lost and the extra player in attack immediately caused chaos for Siena. Boateng went wide right, and invited, not passed, a perfect goal scoring opportunity. Bojo the Clown did the rest.

- Seemed like everyone struggled a little bit to find the match, but Pazzini proved that even if you are a bit "lost" you can be a real pain in the ass. He infuriated Siena and for a Milan team that is a bit "soft" when it comes to get in people's faces this season, everyone got a little feisty. Nice to see some fighting spirit.

- Constant came off early with a right thigh injury, most likely hamstring. The defensive woes continue, and the 15M from Pato and potential sale of Robinho is being touted for Balo, we may need a LB/CB instead. His name is Angelo Ogbonna Fester, any questions?

- Sampdoria beat Milan earlier in the season and with ten men put two on Juventus. Juve appeared up to their old tricks with 5 minutes of injury time, but Samp stayed strong. Well done.

-Speaking of Inter and Fiorentina also losing points. Inter to Udine and Fiorentina foiled by Milan target Mattia Perin, 15 saves on the day. The young GK is owned by Genoa and rumor has it he is already earmarked for Milan, why not a little sooner Fester!? If you are going to bring in Stek instead of this kid I have nothing to say to you.

All and all an exciting win and great weekend, three points off CL football!