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Pato Sold

It's OK though, time we say good riddance to the most over hyped Milan player in the past ten years.

Dino Panato

I wish I could take credit for that title, instead it goes to M.B. Mehdi of CalcioEurope. He and I have long discussed Pato and his role with this Club and sadly what started as a roar against Napoli ended as a whisper as he is shown the door. Granted a medical is still pending, and failure is rather possible, but more of formality so we can discuss this transfer so we can finally be done with the Duck.

I will gladly admit I was hooked, his first match against Napoli was a cracker. Poise, confidence, and pace he had it all. The problem was, like most young Players, he went from a player with promise to the next Van Basten, a player who had a good match, to the second coming of Jesus H. Christ himself. I was sold on the promise, but not at all on the hype. What good is hype, what good is entitlement to a player who has not earned a thing!? He continued this way scoring goals, but seemingly always injured when Milan needed him most, crucial games and fixtures. It went on this way for a few seasons, I endured. He will get fit, he will improve, he will "fulfill his destiny." I waited, I waited, I waited some more, and then finally I gave up.

The most ardent supporters always point me to the 2010-2011 scudetto winning season in which he scored 14 goals, truth be told he has scored 64 goals in the Red and Black in all competitions but scoring goals was never his problem. Even in the Scudetto winning season if you scrutinize his goals, they were off the "soft" variety. Only three were match winners that season, the rest were simply goals, but more importantly the memory of Pato was not the goals he scored, but the ones he didn't. Crucial matches in the Champions League missed, failures in matches where Milan needed a lift, a superstar, a bit of return on the hype machine...instead nothing. Subbed out against Barca last season after just coming on was a crushing. Often missed is the fact that Milan did not win a match when he was on the pitch last season, these stats go beyond goals and are simply disappointing.

Apart from the injuries, his tactical progress, or lack thereof was striking. While Robinho and Cassano were forging a partnership with Zlatan, Pato was left complaining, asking to be the focal point but not warranting it on the pitch. Instead of focusing his actions off the pitch he made poor choices, a divorce to his sweetheart in less than a year showed immaturity, dating the Owner's daughter showed irresponsibility. Refusing a move away from Milan last January not only cost the Club 20M Euros, it effectively made his high wages last season be compensation for scoring off the pitch, not on it. For me enough was enough, the straw that broke the camel's back tactically was long gone, this one broke it on a personal level showing me the caliber of person Pato is.

With that I say good riddance, like Leo, Dinho, and KJH before you, you will be forgotten from Milan lore a year late and 20M short, but better now than never. Your fans supported to the living end and like the players mentioned before you let them down. Sold for even less than his purchase price,the memory of Pato is not his first triumphant match against Napoli, instead only his failures.

From Football-Italia...

Alexandre Pato has said goodbye after agreeing a move to Corinthians. “I am going to Brazil to play consistently, but it won’t be easy to forget Milan.”

This evening both clubs released statements confirming a €15m transfer has been agreed pending a medical and he will sign a four-year contract.

Instead of a signing-on fee, Pato has secured 40 per cent of any future sale.

“I wish to salute, but above all to thank, everyone,” wrote Pato in an open letter on the Milan website.

“From the President to the many people I worked with in these unforgettable years at Milan.

“I am going to Brazil, to Corinthians, so I’ll have the opportunity to play consistently. It won’t, however, be easy to forget Milan.

“I am and always will be very tied to this jersey, the club colours and all the Rossoneri fans. Above all at this moment my thoughts and my biggest thanks go to them.”