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Salamon Joins Milan

We got a Defender...

Marco Luzzani

Bartosz Salamon joins AC Milan from Brescia. He isn't quite a midfielder and not quite a CB, but a player with defensive tendencies, my favorite kind. Has featured at CB for Brescia for much of the season in Serie B and for those not familiar Brescia has churned out talent for many years. Comparable to the talent streams of Empoli, Udine, and Bari it's a historically good proven ground for young players.

The question now becomes, how does he get deployed? CB or CDM, does he come right in play or does he get groomed. If you recall Silva came in in January, trained and was an immediate impact starter come the fall. Could this be a second coming? I am not one for hype, so I will let his play decide he can be the second coming or the second coming of Digao!? Good move, now let's see how it pans out!