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No David Beckham Return for AC Milan

Looks like a Milan won't get the veteran presence of David Beckham.

Tom Dulat

It wouldn't have been the worst move on record but it doesn't look like it will happen. Instead David joins Carletto and the rest of the Italian/Former AC Milan/Former Teammate faction at PSG. With NDJ going down and the ability of Becks to play in a few places in the midfield this may not have been a bad move. His time here, for me at least, was solid and he worked hard and did what was asked of him. Having a leader would have been nice, but oh well, signing a midfielder would have stopped Berlusconi's lust for attackers and we can't have that now can we!?

Interesting to see how he is deployed by Carletto and if he can make a splash in the CL yet again, something has been craving as he nears his swan song! Best of luck to Becks who I hold rather highly in the echelon of former Milan players!