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Welcome Zaccardo

He replaces a relatively non-existent Mesbah giving Allegri another warm body to ease defensive woes, but can he play CB?

Marco Luzzani

A few seasons ago Milan made a move for Massimo Oddo giving the squad the needed depth to make a run at a CL and support an aging Cafu. Now a few years later we have three maybe four viable RBs and still not a single LB or a CB duo!? I have joked with the idea of playing 9 DMs and 1 Zlatan in the past, maybe Max wants one El Sharaawy and 9 RBs!? Who knows...

Point is it's a solid depth move because Mesbah never quite fit or impressed. Zaccardo has a lot of experience and if he can slot right into RCB with no worries then it's a great move and remove some CB growing pains we have been dealing with. Defintely not what we all expected for a big January move, but a move nonetheless...right or wrong remains to be seen.