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Preview: Atalanta v Milan

Avenging the loss at home won't be easy to a stout Atalanta, but three points is a must!

Tullio M. Puglia

It was the third week of the season when Milan welcomed Atalanta and former Milan target Luca Cigarini scored the only goal late on to give Milan it's second loss of the season, two out of three games, and a bit of panic across the tifosi. Seems like eons ago, but losing two out of three is never good and while Milan has slowly climbed the table this season the theme of reversing results and turning no points in three in two matches against Atalanta is a crucial.

Last week's 4-3-3 provided some decent football, and while many felt the need to remind us that it was only can't make progress without beating mid-table teams and seeing that Atalanta is only a few points higher the level of play and pressure from last Sunday can and should be repeated. Having Pazzini in the CF role role holding up possession and moving CB's was a plus. But we need the LF and RF to step up and really operate when he does that. El Sharaawy has been dealing with double and triple teams so the output from the RF be it Robinho, Niang or Bojo the Clown should be stellar. Truth be told it hasn't been and should improve. Tactically speaking if Pazzo is man marked by a CB, and El Sharaawy by a RB and RCB, then the RF should be man on man with a RFB who is most likely pressing forward...see the point!

Conceding goals still remains a problem. On a positive note last week Milan didn't concede to Bologna, only themselves!? Baby steps right? For me it boils down to problems at CB no real player standing out as the go to guy. This wreaks havoc on team selection and throw injuries, suspensions, and CB is a flipping nightmare. Don't tell Berlu though as he believes attack is the way forward and like many of today's Milan 'fans" he most likely has forgotten what this Club's success was built on. Alas it's a lost cause and I think Allegri flips a coin to decide who goes out to the firing squad at CB this weekend!

My flip of the coin...

Abbiati; Abate, Bonera, Mexes, Constant; Nocerino, Monty, Boateng; Niang, Pazzo, El Sharaawy

See you Sunday!