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Wednesday Milan Musings

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Few weeks left in the Window and once again made to wait for anything...

Shaun Botterill

- The courtship of Kaka appears stalled and sadly Milan seem willing to throw money at the problem. We have discussed the positives and negatives of this move and we don't all agree, surprise. But we do seem to agree that this move should not be the priority our management is making it out to be. This move if more side show sentiment than anything else, and to think a player in decline will come in and be a leader and make a difference is a bit naive considering what he has offered since he left. Stayed tuned on this one...

-Allegri seems to like the idea of Drogba, and I have said it before I do to. While attack is not a priority, get the theme here, this guy can do a bit of everything. He has in fact seen in it all, and without the sideshow and sentiment of Kaka. He can play up top and get the job done hopefully alleviate some pressure on El Sharaawy who is seeing not just double teams, but man marking and triple coverage!? He can also defend set pieces, and we know how that goes for us?

-On a more interesting note, his former Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard, would be an interesting move. How better to fill the hole behind the strikers than with a consistent 20 goal scoring midfielder who has to easily the best of our generation. People talk Gerrard, but what Lamps has done in the past 10 years is nothing short of amazing. He is a bit of a bandiera for Chelsea, but they are willing to let him go, no reason we can't shake some goals out of him at least until the end of the season as it seems he wants to move to MLS.

-Man City is reducing the price of Balotelli playing right into Fester's hands. Milan seem willing to jump but only if the price is right. The issue I have this window is the contradictory notion of going younger, yet courting older players!? So what is it? I am not sold on this idea of a team under 25, you need leadership in the spine, which is why I don't believe Kaka helps, but simply put save the noise and get to work. There is 8 days left this window and we have been all talk and no action...