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Wednesday Milan Musings

Sneijder, Ogbonna, Destro, Drogba, and Stek...I hate rumors!

Claudio Villa

With the January Silly Season comes thirty days of rumors, and I don't like rumors! So I will try to curtail any muck racking this month and only celebrate things like the Pato transfer when they actually become official. If they attempt a medical he may be sadly be coming back to Milan, but we will cross that bridge when we get there...onto the rest...

- Talk of Sneijder to Milan has picked up a bit. Wesley is unhappy at Inter, and while his wages are a bit prohibitve is there a better player to get Milan and Allegri back into the 4-3-1-2. Better yet, is there a player better at rising the ire of Inter fans!? No, I say if the money is available this is a smart move and while not a long term solution, a good second half a season may make him an easy sell to the EPL.

- Ogbonna continues to gain interest from Clubs both in and out of the boot. Arsenal, Napoli, Fulham, Milan and Juventus have all made passes but Toro who is looking for around 15M for the CB/LB has said only a single bid has come from overseas at 14M. If Milan can net 15M in the sale of a certain duck, I can't see a better way to spend it. Plus you can send Mexes to Arsenal to give them what they need and everyone is happy.

- The Robinho deal which looked solid, is now stalling a bit. Good news for Milan as long as Robinho is willing to play out the season and it seems feasible as the wages have been an sticking point with Santos. Binho asking for 4M while Santos offering 3M. There is also a gap in transfer price of 3M so things are not set. He could stay, or Milan could push a 7M plus a player in return, time will tell how Fester pans this one out.

- Drogba has added an Italian agent to his entourage which immediately started the churn that he was close to Milan. These reports neglected to mention that he may be in talks with Juve as well, either way Drogba is going somewhere.

-If the Drogba deal doesn't pan out Milan appears interested in Destro, a move that was close in the summer but fell through. Now it appears both he and Steklenburg are interest in playing time and while I can't see the value in adding a third GK's wages, Destro is an intriguing move if we have a striker exodus. This doesn't factor a possible move for Balotelli either which we can discuss at length in the next few days.