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Kaka's Return a Bad Idea

Ex-players are like Ex-Girlfriends, best to not try and rekindle the magic!

Denis Doyle

First and foremost I need to apologize for being a bit out of touch this week. My real job is enduring some serious headaches been a CRAZY week. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I should be back this weekend, but in the meantime I will share a piece I did with Kris Voakes at

It's getting a bit more flack than I expected, but to paraphrase...

Kaka WAS a fantastic player for AC Milan the thing is this team is moving FORWARD not backward and rekindling old love will not help that. If this team is craves leadership it should not be in the form of Kaka, but in the spine, a CB a CM, someone who can come and galvanize this team, make them tougher, make them fearless. This is not the player to do that. El Sharaawy is the future, Kaka is the past...let's leave it that way.