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Monday Milan Musings: Rumors...

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For those who have been around long enough, you know I hate rumors. In fact they are like assholes, everyone seems to have them, but at the end of the day they all stink. Some pundits come out claiming they have insider info, while others throw whatever they can at the wall and see what stinks. For me it has always been rather simple, when the Club announces it, it is is official, and even then it isn't always true...David Suazo anyone? So if I am a bit skeptical forgive me, but when I came across word of Ronaldo's rift at Real and Berlusconi's quick advance, I had to bite.

My unabashed love for Marco Borriello, is second only to my admiration for CR7. While the World clamors over the "grace and elegance" of Lionel Messi, I prefer the "blunt and forceful" Cristiano Ronaldo. While Messi is like a sword, that takes skill and patience to wield, Ronaldo is like a bomb that destroys everything in his path without regard for collateral damage. Some say he is pompous, cocky, and conceited, I say, so what. I have never in my life, as a football fan, seen a player who can destroy an opponent the way he does. It is like blunt force trauma, one minute he has the ball the next minute he scores, game set match, and to AC Milan this is no secret. Ronaldo scored three in the summer while we could only look on in awe. But to CR7, AC Milan is a bit of a bogey team, it was against Milan, once in 2007 and again 2010, that he looked the most frustrated, the most human. Gattuso, Abate, and others gave him trouble, but was it enough trouble to consider a move to San Siro!? Probably not, and considering the issues with wages, FFP, and Milan's general financial crisis this move will never happen. But a man, can for a second dream like a child, and wish for Ronaldo to come to AC Milan can't he? I am sure when Berlusconi is not dancing to Ronaldinho Bunga Bunga girls he has a soft spot for CRON. Now go get a mountain of money you old coot and sent Fester to do the bidding! I like the sound of a 3 year loan with an option to about you.

Back tomorrow with a Tactics Piece, forgive me if you didn't appreciate my little homage to CR7...