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Milan 2 Cagliari 0

First Home Win of the Season

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

So, in case you hadn't notice I took a ten day holiday. It was much needed, but a flurry of activity happened here that we should discuss prior to getting into a discussion about the win:

-The Blog has changed for the better, you all knew it was coming and I think it is great. The layout is awesome, the content and connectivity is better, and if you post FanPosts, I can make them front page news, so get cracking!

*Mobile connectivity has also improved, just load the site in your fancy handheld computer's browser and viola. The native SBNation app, as awesome as it was, will no longer be updated...sad I know, but the browser does great too.

*For those who like to post news, you can do it right in the FanShots and I can promote it as well.

*Long story short, we can do fun stuff here and really raise the level of community and participation beyond just comments, this is great!

-It appears while I was away, the mice got to play, fine by me. But no surprise a certain few fans, I mean fan, came back when the going got tough. Would be nice if they shared their opinions in FanPosts so we can be afforded the same luxury we give them...

Enough of that now, onto the win...

Max was in the stands, as were the fools Boateng and Zapata for their Red Card antics, more on that later. So obviously the win is because Max was not on the bench!? If you believe that, you may want to change sports, but if you saw progress in the match versus Udinese and a more balance reinvention of the 4-3-3 then you are in the right place. I will post a tactics piece tomorrow on this new formation, but for now the man of the week is simply Stephen El Shaarawy!!!

Placing him on the "left" was not the end all that many are making it out to be, it was simply the bit of space and freedom he needed that he wasn't afforded last season with Zlatan in that space. Two games, three goals, and a finesse and touch that reminds of a blend of Kaka's incisor like pace, Baggio's footwork, and Sheva's nose for goal. It was a sight for sore eyes, and maybe I am overreacting, but we haven't had much to be excited about.

It needs to be said that Cagliari is worse off then AC Milan, and much like Milan's stupid Red Cards the previous week, Cagliari's was fatal. They never seemed to have a grasp on the match, and while Milan appeared to lack confidence as well, they finally found a rhythm and a level of comfort that had been lacking now for weeks. New players, new tactics, and new understanding takes time on top of time, and it is finally starting to come to light. Allegri also decided on two veteran CB's and while youth is "grand" for many, experience, even in the shape of Bonera can help galvanize and settle a team. Zapata's mistakes last week are exactly what you try to avoid, and while Mexes is just as prone to stupidity, you have to hope that his maturity will win out.

Speaking of maturity, Urby is showing a tremendous amount more than Boateng, and with the advent of this new tactical deployment Urby may see more time then Boateng. Traore and Constant, appeared to work extreme hard and earn consideration, and the more players primed and ready to give their all; the better chance the team has at digging out of this hole! Three points, a win at home, and a much needed confidence boost for the weekend!