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Bologna 1 Milan 3

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“Don’t give us up for dead, as that would be a big mistake. At the same time, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, as we haven’t just become phenomenons overnight."

Nobody says it best then Nocerino did above. The victory was just what this team needed for confidence and momentum, but the work is not done yet. Conceding two goals in two matches is simply not good enough. This team will not get three goal outbursts like today, so keeping things tidy at the back is of the utmost importance. Yesterday the defense played admirably but there will still be significant growing pains as Abate returns healthy and Allegri decides who his starting CB partnership is going to be. Milan were fortunate that Bologna struggled with mistakes, but also with chemistry and cohesion as they have lost two strong players in Ramirez and Di Vaio. They do still have Alessandro Diamanti, and he is becoming a regular Milan killer if I have ever seen one. He would have made a great addition to Milan, but for now we have to admire him from a distance as he makes us pay every time our teams meet.

The midfield was stronger today, albeit a bit more resilient as well. The formation will go a long way in dictating the make up of the midfield, but the need for balance in the squad is extremely evident as the team struggles close down the middle of the field if to many players are committed to the attack. Speaking of the attack, it appeared Allegri could do no wrong with his choices. El Sharaaway had an excellent match, and Bojan asserted himself on the match as well. The real story however is the hat trick hero, Pazzini.

For the first time in ages, it appeared Milan had a true goal poacher in the 18 yard box again. While I have to believe this sort of striker is nearing extinction in the modern game, with the need for more complete players. Seeing Pazzini do his best Inzaghi impressions, pouncing on balls in the box, tapping in errors, and being a nuisance for the opponent was excellent. This Milan is not going to be elegant like the one with Zlatan and Cassano, it must instead rely on hard work and ingenuity and Pazzini had both of those things in spades.

I end on the words of Nocerino, don't count this team out or leave it for dead quite yet. There is still a lot of football to play and with that said, don't think this match solves all our problems as that is also not quite the case. Personnel, formation, and function are still yet to be completely decided but this match should help sharpen that picture a bit for Allegri. In the meantime, play who works hardest, play who remains fit, and let this team grow into what it needs to be, not what it should be in the eyes of some stupid fans who asked for their money back, or critics writing their eulogy. Soon this MIlan will have it's own new identity!

Congrats to the boy's on their first win of the season and to Pazzini for his first THREE goals in Red and Black and to many more.