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Matchday III Preview: Milan v Atalanta

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Quite the International Break we have had. We got a new blog logo, we defended Allegri, and we went into some musings. Now it is back to the business at hand, and that business is winning! It starts Saturday with Atalanta visiting the San Siro.

Atalanta is a funny team, can upset any team on any given match day but the lack of consistency is frustrating. A good defender in Peluso, a good GK in Consigli, and a good attacking duo of Schelotto and Denis, they can be a handful for many teams. Sadly they can be for themselves as well. New man Davide Biondini smells an upset, but sadly history is not on his side. In the last seven matches between the two Clubs at the San Siro, Milan has only dropped points twice, with five wins, one loss and one draw. Safe to say history and stats mean nothing, the match will tell all.

Allegri will Abate back at his disposal, which begs the question what happens to De Sciglio who has made excellent progress and drawn comparisons to Maldini. Part of me says let the kid keep his place, he has earned it, but Abate is a leader on this team. Swap to the left side you say? Not sure how I feel about that either, has Antonini not earned his place on the left as well this season. A tough call for Allegri, who as we learned this week has a penchant for "pushing players out and not being very "likable" which means he is capable all sorts of mutiny. Two players he won't have at his disposal are the goal scorers from the last time these two teams met, Robinho and Muntari. But he still has some quality at his disposal, here is how Iine it up.

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Acerbi, Ants; NDJ, Ambro, Nocerino; Urby; Pazzo, El Shaarawi

Yes I sent De Sciglio back to the bench, as hard as it was, there will be plenty of chances for him to continue his progress. I think the break will help Acerbi and Zapata with chemistry and time they be given the reins. NDJ in for the injured Monty, and Urby for Boateng. Up top you stay with Pazzo, and while many are asking for Bojan over the Pharaoh, I like what El Shaarawi brings over the tiny Spaniard ten times over. More physical, stronger, and more comfortable on the pass, just simply a better partner for the new Poacher Pazzini!

So there you have it, two wins a row, following a matchday one loss is a great way to get back on track. Time to make that happen!