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Welcome to the Future, Part II

For those who missed the post with the blurb from SBN here it is. In short, things are changing for the better! Slicker interface and a greater ability in your hands to contribute to this blog be it with comments, Fan Posts or Fan Shots. I am excited and you should be too, many of us have been here since the early days at the Offside, and with me through my now five plus years at the helm. It has been amazing and both an honor and privilege to not only write about AC Milan but discuss it with all of you. We had some bumps and hiccups, seen many faces come and go, but for those who have stuck around I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have. Now we have the pleasure of being part of a bigger network, giving us better tools and greater access not only to Serie A, but the beautiful game across the board and you will see more of that as we get closer to the big "change." In the meantime, it is my pleasure to share with you step one of the SB Nation transformation, the new logo for the AC Milan Offside! Hope you like, you can be honest if you don’t!


For those that don’t know the Lion is symbolic to me as part of the Fossa Dei Leoni Ultras. While the group is no longer in existence, and I can’t say I agreed with all their views, it still represents the Old Guard of AC Milan, the Milan of the 90’s and the Milan of my youth. Along with the Lion, is the Devil of AC Milan and the logo combines my old guard roots to the present and future AC Milan! Back tomorrow with Matchday III Preview.