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Wednesday Milan Musings

Here as some quick news hits for the week...

-Juan was kind of enough to put up this Fan Post with Serie A player salaries. Everyone was quick to complain about salaries for Mexes and Robinho, but neglected to mention Pato. Here is the way I see it, we pay Mexes and Robinho to play at least on occasion, we pay Pato to rehab, enough said. Sooner we send the Glass Wonder packing the better off we will be. If the rumors that he has split with Babs are true expect her to start sucking face with Niang and Pato to be plying his trade of rehabbing his fitness somewhere in Brazil. At this rate I no longer expect Milan make back his salary from the past three seasons.

-Speaking of Niang, pending his relations with Babs, he got himself in a spot of trouble on the weekend. Driving without a license is one thing, claiming you are Bakaye Traore is another problem in and of itself. Kid needs to grow up and fast, I can't tolerate stupidity like this.

-Speaking of stupidity it would appear the Allegri witch hunt has finally subsided. Fester has come out and said he and Allegri are all clear. It has also been made known that Allegri was absolved of guilt for the high player salaries, a relief, considering he is currently being blamed for RVP's injury in his Holland match by Manchester United Fans, baby steps I guess. To add to the fact that he is not "likable" Mesbah said he had a row with the Mister, but oddly enough he didn't complain or lay blame, he said he will work hard to get back in his good graces and earn his place!? Imagine that, a player who is accountable, now to find a Milan blogger with the same traits...

-News of the weird is that Milan are in pole position for Pepe Reina. Not a good bit of news if you ask me considering he can be hot and cold, but also that his wages would be higher than those of Abbiati or Amelia. Milan were always in the hunt for Marchetti who has been playing very well for Lazio. GK's are funny, and Milan tends to get more succes and mileage from those of Italian descent, would sort of rather keep it that way.

-In breaking news, Boateng wants to be the best in the World. That's great, I want a Ferrari, but saying I want something and taking steps to actually do that are two very different things. He can say whatever he wants, time he earns on the pitch. I have already stripped him of the Title of Prince, until he gives me 110% on the pitch, which I know he is capable of, he won't get it back! Time for some tough love for KB.