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Matchday II Preview: Bologna v Milan

Match Previews are always a bit funny to me, even more so when the team's tactical direction looks to be a bit in flux. I made my point clear about Milan's Plan B and the choice use the 4-3-3, with a false nine, and while I would be content to never see it again. I am inclined to believe with the recent activity in the transfer window, that it may not be the last time I see it.

Our last foray into the 4-3-3 was disaterous, and many believed it was Berlu pulling the strings from above. If that is the still the case, then the results will probably match. I hope Allegri stands tall, but the issue is not so much who is pulling the strings, but more who isn't. Prince's preseason form has been dreadful. He looks sluggish, disinterested, and a bit smug, does he miss his buddies? Maybe? Is his personal life getting in the way? Maybe? But how does Allegri roll out the 4-3-1-2 when is main cog in the system, Prince at CAM, is not playing well? Sure you could play Urby their and stick to the formation, or you could give the 4-3-3 another try, without a false this point it can't get much worse then last week can it? Well I would rather here it is...

Abbiati; DeSciglio, Acerbi, Zapata, Ants; Monty, NDJ, Noce; Urby; Pazzo, ElS

Prince needs to cool his bottom a bit on the bench, and get a message that his play is not warranting a starting spot. Playing Urby at CAM for a match is not awful, and it gives time for Bojan and Niang to get up to speed. Throwing NDJ in is not problem because his role is pretty much the same and Allegri gets a strong midfield. Defensively I have no patience for Bonera and Yepes together, a mix with Zapata or Acerbi, but not together. If we are going to lose we may as well do it with an eye towards the future!

Last year we drew both matches with Bologna, a loss of four points. This year, points will once again be at a premium, and following last week's loss a win is high priority. However, it is important that the team will continue to need time to gel and things like miracles, destiny, and luck are made for movies not football. Allegri's first choice eleven needs to forget about last week's spineless almost gutless performance. Instead they have to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.