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CL Draw Discussion

Seven Times we Won this Thing, SEVEN TIMES.
Seven Times we Won this Thing, SEVEN TIMES.

I had every intention of providing a live post during the draw. The problem with that is the stars would have to align at work for that to happen and sadly they didn't!? With that said, I think this discussion is something you are all capable of on your own, but before you do you what you do best, some points I have been pondering on this year's CL...

-I don't think we can win it, then again I didn't think we could win it in 2007. Sometimes no expectations give you the most reward. It is reasonable to expect to advance out of the Group stage, and if not, and Milan end up in the Europa League, we should do everything in our power to be competitive in that as well. Enough of this disregard for the EL, it is a Trophy, and you play to win Trophies!

-I want PSG, and I want them on a platter. Screw you Leo and Carletto, Silva and Zlatan too! Your team is struggling now and so is Milan, time we settle this on the pitch. Zlatan says PSG is better, but football isn't played on paper!

-Be very afraid of Real Madrid, Jose will have this team primed for success in this year's CL.

-ManCity will bet the farm on the CL, in turn losing both Old Big Ears and the EPL!? Mancini's history in the CL is spotty and ManCity this one so bad, it clouds their ability and their nerves.

Feel free to add more points and particpate in the poll below, sorry I couldn't be here with you guys during the draw!