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Season Preview Part I: Goalkeepers

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Going to spend the next five days previewing the season, lots to talk about and while I sprinkle news in here or there depending on the silly season happenings and musinsg, the tentative Agenda is as follows:

Part I: Goalkeepers

Part II: Defense

Part III: Midfielders

Part IV: Attackers

Part V: Expectations

If you followed the comments at all this summer you will pleased to know that a collectively sigh of relief went up when Flavio Roma decided to hang up the boots. A single commenter burst into applauise as our very own Public Enemy #1, a man who had the lowest wages on the team and was meant to be a only a steady 3rd GK should the unthinkable happen, two injuries to our first and second choice netminder. Not sure what this reader's beef was and having a veteran third netminder, who can groom youth and assure progress for young GKs is a fixture for every team, I for one and sorry to see him go. Not because he can particapted but more because who we replaced him with?

Milan has brought in Gabriel, of Brazilian Olympic fame, or should I say infamy? The young net minder was one of the tournament's shakiest keepers and if you saw any of his performances you have to wonder what, if anything Milan saw in this kid. Not going to write him off just yet, but I see more of Grimi, Viudez and Montelungo in this kid then I see talent, I guess only time will tell. I do hope he isn't given the reins when Milan have a plethora of young GK in their ranks who are rately highly, such as Donnarumma.

As for the two proper keepers, depending on what you prefer Milan have two starters not one. For me, combining the two would be great, but that isn't going to happen! Instead we have two functional keepers, and it always makes me chuckle when people complain about either. It was not long ago that Abbiati was the best keeper in Serie A and leading Milan to a title. He is a Milan youth product and for those clamoring that we need leadership and play youth, it is a bit hypoctrical when they turn their back on their own. It is safe to say we are set for keepers and no matter who starts I am confident they will do well. The issue for me; however, is that whoever does start we need to stand behind beause GK chemistry and continuity is key.

Like a good team, and a season preview agenda, you start from back to front and putting faith in the GK is step one. Now onto the defenders...

One last note, don't forget the FanShots, Avia needs your help picking a striker! So much for always agreeing with me dude!? Thanks a lot!