Which striker???

At the risk of shocking some peeps i have to break rank and voice my opposition to a move for the player i love to call Sorriello(C)

I gave a list previously of why i thought we dont need him and thought i would expand

1. Do we need Borriello?

Well, we have our fill of support strikers with Binho, El Shar (& currently) Cassano with our main out and out striker being ..…cough..….Pato. So I think its logical (some might argue essential ) for the Club to look into getting some depth in that role. I think both sides of the Pato argument have no qualms about us getting another main striker right?......Good!

Now I get where Gian comes from when he lays out the benefits of having Borriello in that he is a no frills hard worker in the box and could play as one of the two up front and who would essentially do all the donkey work and lay up man for Pato. My only worry is that we already tried this with Ibra & Pato which got us nowhere and I don’t see how Borri could succeed where Ibra failed last year (ie make Pato shine)

I’m just not sold on buying him under the banner of "hold-up" man especially when we did this before and I don’t really remember it being a startling success, yeah it could be argued that he did well in the trident with Dinho & Pato but a lot has changed since then

2. What does Milan need?

The next Sheva damnit! My favourite type of striker is what I refer to as the "Battering Ram", in that they don’t necessarily need to play off the shoulder of the last defender to shine (think Pippo) and don’t need to many things to be just right for them to score (think Pato and how he usually needs to be the right distance from a defender and the goals and to not let the ball get too far ahead of himself etc).

No I want a player who can latch onto the ball anywhere from the half way line and become an instant threat, a player who will simply barrel through defenders in the manner Shev or Drobga used to. I want a player far more proficient in the box, I want a player who if they get anywhere near the ball is only thinking of trying to put it into the back of the net but is also sly enough to wrong foot the opposition just outside their own box to enable this.

Out of the players we have been linked with Pazzini, Berbatov, Bendtner, Matri, Borriello

Bebatov imo is def wiley in the box and has the ability to score whilst making it look totally effortless and I will let you into his secret. He is always reading the game going on around him. A good number of his goals are simple little tap ins or dinks etc which he gets onto the end of simply by having the smarts to out position an opposition defender. He looks like he doesn’t do much work hence why he is sometimes labelled as being lazy. His major question mark is can whether he can adapt and read a different game out here in Italy?

My choice would be Pazzini. Yes he’s coming from a rival and yes he seems a bit off form and fallen out of favour at his current club but for those of you willing to give a new player a fresh slate will admit that we did ok with Muntari & Van Bommel who had the same issues when they joined. I also think he will do better than any of the other striker listed if linked up to Binho & El Shar and im basing this on how well he played alongside Cassano at Samp. When he’s on form he can def be the battering ram that we might need should any of our other strikers get injured.

I think a 4-3-1-2 with Pazzini & Binho up top with Prince behind them and Monty picking out passes from the mid could quite easily be made to tick like an engine.

What say you peeps?

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