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Monday Milan Musings


A few things to talk about following this weekend...


Ricky has said he will "lower" wages, which translates to still high, but the real crux of the issue is that Real doesn't seem to want to play ball on the transfer price. We all know Fester won't pay a transfer fee on this one, I expect this to go to down the wire ending with a season long loan and certain Diarra coming to Milan in Ricky's suitcase.


Boateng says the team needs to support Max, wonder if he was talking to Fester? Following the Real drubbing Galliani says he was furious for making nine changes and getting embarrassed like this on American soil. How dare he play youngsters, better yet how he play the player's you bought!? Hypocrite like the rest of em, Max knew exactly what he was doing, showing Fester our first team doesn't suck but the bench sure does! You want youngsters, to play and you wonder why they don't? When they do everyone is "furious" welcome to Serie A...


The Colombian says he is worth of Milan, a jab at Maldini senior. I like the hit back, says he is ready to roll. I also like that he has Serie A experience and won't wet his pants come Derby time.


Deschamps Mexes will leave Milan, and what better place for a Frenchman then Arsenal. Pair him with Kolshelny and you have the most volatile CB duo in the history of the game. Better yet, looks like Bendtner may come the other way and our target striker issues are over.


Speaking of target striker, or as I like to call him training table striker. The infallible Ducky could not help Brazil overcome a solid Mexico team to win the Olympic Gold Medal. it wasn't for lack of trying actually, it was more for lack of minutes! When the going tough Brazil's coach called not on the Duck, but a more imposing figure in the Hulk. He scored a goal in the tourney though, against the "powerhouse" that is Belarus, so all is well isn't not? It is not the results that matter, or that Brazil is still missing that elusive gold medal, or that he barely played, he score right! Oh yeah, one last thing, that Mexico team is going to be dirty in the next six years!


Couple of you guys have started taking advantage of the Fan Posts, I think it is great. I won't always promote to the front page, but if they are good there is no reason not to! It is great to see more opinions and I urge you all to give a try, just remember thought the comments will be directed at you. Take a look and see how Avia became a Milan fan and join the AC Milan Offside Fantasy Calcio League!!!