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Maldini Monday

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Before we get heavy into the transfer and season preparations, I wanted to share a bit of nostalgia.

Before we moved to awesome new digs here at SBNation, we used to live at a place called the It was a nice little place, sort of like a Freshman dorm. Not really elegant living, but cozy and charming and full of real friends. Like a college dorm, we had traditions, maybe not as widely recognized as say, "Thirsty Thursday" but traditions that grew near and dear. Once such tradition was Maldini Monday. What started as a simple tribute to my favorite footballer of all time before his retirment, became a weekly homage of all football fans saying a few words about the greatest defender of all time. It was almost surreal when he finally retired and it feels like ages ago now, but I wanted to take a moment and share it with the new group of readers in our new home, and to reminsce a bit with all those who have been here since the very first Maldini Monday and a few more of my favorites.

The First...My Own...My Favorite...

Feel free to enjoy the rest and share your favorite.