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Transfer Target Talk

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On Friday we discussed my feelings on Kaka, and as the rumor mill continues to churn it is probably best I touch on a few of the targets Milan is in the hunt for. Before I do that though I have to put my sarcasm pants on and have a bit of fun, I mean come on we just beat Chelsea and Schalke in the preseason. This is huge, for the those self deprecating Serie A fans who feel our humble league is inferior beating these power houses is huge. I mean Chelsea just won the CL and Schalke was like 3rd in the Bundesliga, and to make it even more impressive they have Klaas Jan Can't Score a Goal in Italy Huntelaar. The dude is the Pato of the Bundesliga, and Milan beat him! I don't know about you guys, but I am buying my CL final tickets already, this team is GOLDEN.

OK, OK, enough fun for me, onto more serious business, and two targets for the transfer season...


I guess the photo will have alluded to this one. For those that maybe don't know, or spend to much time slandering me about my Pato beliefs instead of asking me about players, I like big old Nick Bendtner. The big Dane fits all the traits I look for in a striker. Physical presence, good work rate, strong on the ball, capable of checking back, and can finish when asked. He has always been sort of track to become what Adebayor, another striker I rated highly, should have become but Wenger's lack of faith has never allowed him to flourish for Arsenal as he does for Denmark. Many fans will say, well he is Cocky and has attitude problems, but then again show me a striker who doesn't. Every striker needs that edge, that hunger, that swagger, and this guy has it now let's give a team and place to flourish. Arsenal seems keen to let him go on loan yet again, why can't Milan be the destination as he forges a partnership with Cassano, Robinho or SeS.


News out of Italy said that Milan put a 5M offer for Italy's premier marauding LB, Frederico Balzaretti. Personally, I think he wears a shorts to big, but the man can play football so he is welcome in my book. However, he appears to prefer Roma and Napoli over Milan, and his owner, the infamous Zamparini says the offer is to low. Didn't seem to bug him when we stole Nocerino, but then again he doesn't appear to be the sort of person who gets fooled twice, or does he? Taiwo and Vila are on the way out, no surprise, but this means Milan can fund the purchase of a LB on these sales alone potentially, so it needs to get done, I would just prefer a player who wants to be here. Why not throw 3M at Lazio for Abdoulay Konko or sneak Santon away from Newcastle? Better yet, let's talk to Juve about De Ceglie or Ziegler, they owe us one after all don't they?

Finally, I need to hit out at Zlatan Imbrahimovic for claiming PSG is better than Milan. Zlatan, don't forget, talk is cheap, and football is played on the pitch not on paper. So say what you want now, but I know who will have the laugh and history says it won't be you. Enjoy your French League title next season, but the big one will always allude you with that attitude.

One more thing, please hope over to Mr.Lamprecht's FanPost and give your All Time Milan XI. I am excited to see people's take and who knows it may spark a new post...