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Laughter is the best medicine, so let's have a laugh this weekend. Back to business as usual next week.

It is no secret that Pato and Barbara's choice to do the horizonal mambo off the pitch has been met with some resentment. In America we have a saying, "Don't shit where you eat," while a bit disgusting when taken literally, if you apply the logic it boils down simply to the idea of not mixing things that shouldn't mix. For me an Owner, or Owner's daughter, is one such issue. Apart from the conflict of interest of such a courtship, it can cause some other issues in the family that can hurt Milan far more then simply keeping Pato on the books. So a little narrative for your enjoyment...

If you own a football Club, don't let your daughter date a striker,

If your daughter dates a striker, your son will get jealous,

If your son gets jealous he will want to date a striker,

Your son likes a certain striker's body build,

That striker is Andy Carroll,

Now you have to buy Andy Carroll to make your son happy,

Now Andy Carroll plays for AC Milan.

This ladies and gentleman is why you don't let your daughter date a striker, because you will end up buying Andy Carroll. As fans it is our civic duty to make sure we don't buy Andy Carroll, so say no to Pato scoring off the pitch with the Owner's daughter. Who knows it may actually help him score on the pitch. Goal Tally since Pato started dating is in all our best interest.

Here is a video for those that may have missed it:

Hitler gets informed about the Ibrahimovic/Silva transfer to PSG (via FootballPlayersInHD)