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My Shopping List

FLORENCE, ITALY - MAY 24:  Davide Astori of Italy during a training session at Coverciano on May 24, 2012 in Florence, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
FLORENCE, ITALY - MAY 24: Davide Astori of Italy during a training session at Coverciano on May 24, 2012 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
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On Monday I asked for inputs, specifically three players, you felt Milan should target. Lots of solid inputs, pleased that nobody said Messi, CRON, and Torres, while I did see some requests for totally unproven young players, I think many of us are looking towards the future and willing to sacrifice a bit of the present. A good rational start as Milan begin to rearm and rebuild for FFP, and more importantly future success. Juventus survived the sale of Zidane, they bought players to help build a foundation of success, and still had money left over to buy some referees, but that is not the issue at hand! I promised my three, and if you saw the photo, you may know where I am going with this...

Defense, Defense, Defense...

I am firm believer in the school of thought that says defense wins Titles. Scoring goals is all well and good, but the team with the best goal differential usually takes the prize at the end of the road. It only takes one goal to win a football match, and if you can keep the opponent at zero you can NEVER lose. You may not win, but a single point is better none.

With that said, my money gets spent simply on a CB, LB, and DM...

Astori and Ogbonna are prime targets. With them Milan will have a defensive core and foundation with a ten year shelf life and will return to the back line of legendary status. The return of Maldini, Costa, Baresi and Tassotti, maybe, just maybe! Yes there will be growing pains, but it is expected in a rebuilding year, instead I see a future of Abate, Acerbi, Astori and Ogbonna, and that is worth it's weight in gold.

As for a DM, DDR has made me a believer. I always claimed he was over hyped and overvalued by Roma fans, given to much praise to early. Well he has earned it for me now, and he would be a great move but extremely unlikely, so if you can't get the target how about the next closest thing? For me that is Alex Song. If you can spend cheap on Ogbonna and Astori, you can shell out 20-25M on Song who is versatile, young and talented. He has lots of room to learn and can play the long ball just as easy as the short game and doesn't leave any gaps in his defensive presence. Dream signing for me.

So the big question I am sure will come up is, "What about a Great Champion up front?" SCREW THAT. For me it's simple, we have Pato, and he either sinks or swims this season. For the record, I despise him. I despise his one dimensional play, his inability to pass, his inability to stay healthy, his legion of irrational fans, his unwillingness to move to PSG, his uselessness last season, his stupid hair and the fact that with all the women in the World he had to bed the Owner's daughter. But I am also a realist...If he swims, I eat humble pie and Milan are successful, if he sinks I get to say I told you so, and we can hang a for sale on his ass once and for all. (Not sure who would buy him at that point, but cross that bridge when we get there) End of the day if you have noticed, it is a win-win for me. But if we really do need a striker it should be cheap, because strikers are a dime a dozen, flavor of the week, and if you find one that works, great, sell him for a profit and onto the next one. We don't need goals in bunches, we only need to prevent them anyway. In the meantime Paloschi, Zigoni, Kingsley Boateng, even Beretta should be given a chance here is we want to save money and get the spine of the team in order.

So, forget this Champion Striker BS, let's get back to what made Milan KINGS. DEFENSE.