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All Sales Final?

So in the next day or so the inevitable announcement of PSG's capture of Silva and Ibra will be complete. We will be subjected to the media announce, photos and total utter from the BS players about how they always dreamed of playing for PSG and hope to win many trophies and so on. It would be great if Zlatan was not a hypocrite, and stood up their and said, "I got paid bitches!" At least at the end of the day he was telling the truth, speaking of the truth last week I asked for a plan from management. A sort of where do we go from here, and while the rumor mill has been churning, I have heard a few other issues as well.

Word from the boot is that Old Silvio is planning another run at Italy's front office and in order to do so he needs money. Money, that for those who don't know, he doesn't have. So this new pocketbook of funds will be used to help the team alright, Berlu's political team. The nice thing is it usually means a few new players for Milan as well because what better way to get votes then by assuring all your Milanistas vote yes. Thankfully it looks like this plan may backfire, while the Ultra's have said they are OK (no surprise as many are on the Berlu payroll) most fans remain unhappy, not the extent some of the doomsday crowd here oddly does, but there is a general sentiment of disbelief, mostly on the Silva portion.

Now we eagerly anticipate the rumor mill with many of you spending the money already buying up 18-20 year olds with the vigor of a pedo...I mean Arsenal Coach, but that is not always the answer, but I am going to go ahead and ask anyway. Pick three players, only 3, and be realistic we obviously can't/won't buy CRON, Messi and Toure, that Milan should buy and why. I will submit mine in a separate post, I want to review all the comments first!