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Wednesday Milan Musings

Here we are yet again for this week's weekly musings...

Andy Carroll

Rest easy Milanistas it looks like nobody is coming from Liverpool to the San Siro this season. This includes Alberto Aquilani who was sharp early in the year but we all saw his form dip and his progress regress. As for Andy Carroll, the mere fact that we are linked to him is no surprise to me at least. This is the same ownership who lusted after Ronaldinho to the point of obsession, to the detriment of the team, thought Bierhoff would set the World alight, and actually paid money for KJH. Mr. Carroll would just be another pet purchase to add to the list of over hyped strikers. The real wonder I have though is what is the obessesion for this family and strikers!? Berlu has strippers dance for him in Ronaldinho masks, his son thinks Carroll is actually a good player, and his daughter is in bed with an average one...this family doesn't need a striker they need a shrink.


Speaking of strikers, Pippo looks like he may go back to where it all started, Atalanta. I sort of like the romantic nostalgia of players going back to where it all began. We can all agree he is past it, but to get some standing ovations from Atalanta fans would be a great send off.


So big rumor this week is that the dreaded Mimo Raiola is in meetings with Fester. Immediately the rumor mill churns that this meeting has to do with Zlatan, neglecting to mention that Raiola is actually in town to discuss the loan of Innocenti, a highly rated Milan youngster. Until then we will continue to be bombarded with Zlatan rumors, or better yet a packaged deal Zlatan and Silva to PSG. I hated Leo then, I hate him more now.


Mesbah's move to Torino has been ironed out, and the potential for an Ogbonna to Milan thrown out has yet to happen. Am I giving up on the rumor, no, but tempering my expectation. Before you go crazy about Mesbah leaving, or worse, wondering why we bought him. It was a win/win for Milan and we recouped the cost. For those that don't appreciate low cost, low risk buys, I can't help you, but for those who do, if a player pans out it is great, just look at Nocerino!

Traore & Constant

Speaking of low cost low risk buys, Traore and Constant have debuted at Milanello this week. Both players come in with the potential to be midfield jack of all trades. Some are already writing these players off as "scrubs" and "bums" but I will let their play dictate that. Allegri has proven that these sort of players can be successful in his systems and their physical traits will show well in Serie A. I for one am excited to see them prosper, if they don't, then at least we didn't spend the farm on the? If they do I will be serving humble pie to the doomsday mob.


Yesterday, a fortune teller posted a comment about our very own Max Allegri. He stated that Allegri would be gone in a year, very matter of factly. Not sure what he meant or what he was alluding to, probably the fact that Max would be in line for Prandelli's job when inevitably gets the ax following WC qualifiers, but that is not up for discussion now. Instead his press conference was both cheeky and direct, the highlights: his jab at Juventus and the reminder that it wasn't Milan we walked Pirlo out the door, it was Pirlo. I like the bit about Juventus and their Serie B scudetto.


Former Milan target Andrea Poli, who subsequently went to Inter, is back on the market. Milan appear to be interested in the player who honestly regressed at his time in Black and Blue. No surprise really, and like Pirlo before him, maybe Milan can catch lightning in a bottle a second time? Galliani is said to be in talks with his agent this week, this is one to closely monitor. Speaking of Inter, it looks like the, "If you can't beat em join em" bit is taken to a whole new level as Nike unveiled the new 2013 kit. Can I ask what were they thinking!?

Internet Asberger's Syndrome

WTF!? What does this have to do with Milan, well check out this article, read the comments here, and then ponder.