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Thursday Milan Musings

First and foremost I need to apologize for lack of posting, summer is usually a hectic month but this week is crazy with issues at work, soccer tryouts, and a bit of travel mixed in. But without further ado, here is this week's musings...

EURO Bracket Challenge

Going toot my own here, as I am in the lead in the Blogger Bracket Challenge, I will try and tabulate the AC Milan Offside bracket this weekend and follow up before the final.

Cassano and Abate

Italy made it through, with both Abate and Cassano seeing minutes. Cassano has arguably been Italy's best player in the tournament and Abate was solid. Monty has seen occasional minutes, and Nocerino has been an unused sub. On Sunday Italy take on England and the only thing that could have made this match up better is if Don Fabio was still in charge, time we give the Three Lions a good slapping!


The Dutch were a downright disappointment, I didn't expect them to advance as I believe a team of individuals such as the Orange will never pull it together again as they did in WC2010. Robben is a ball hog, Sneijder is inconsistent and they lack a defensive spine more than any other team. For those who still fancied KJH, he looked like an utter bum, and as I watched the Portugal match I heard a fan say, "I can't understand why he scores so much in the Bundesliga and nowhere else." His mate immediately responded, "Even you can score in the Bundesliga, it is like a Berlusconi Bunga Bunga Party, everyone scores." Needless to say I was in a frantic state of laughter...


Speaking of Portugal, will ever see a performance like Ronaldo's again. If Berlu wants to sell up and buy CRON, I am all for it. For me, he is pound for pound the best footballer on the planet, and I am sure we can argue this all day, but my mind is made up. At the end of the day no player can do more alone for his team that CRON. Messi is like a sword, it takes a bit of skill by the user to wield him, whereas CRON is like a bomb, you drop it and things happen. I will take the bomb.

Flamini and Seedorf

Special goodbye to Clarence, and simple good riddance to Flamini. Flamini was an epic fail and the only saving grace was that he was a free transfer. While Clarence made the quite mark, none more profound than his goal agaisnt Man United in 2007, EPIC.


Milan B strikes again! We are now proud owners of Acerbi and Constant, two good young solid players who will vital roles for Milan.Constant was stellar at Chievo in his time but then supplanted by Bradley who would have been the better buy, but in Allegri's system he will be very good. Acerbi could be the future alongside the likes of Silva and Astori if the deal is penned as rumored. Two smart solid signings that will never get respect fans because those players aren't rated on FIFA or FM, but if you watch and appreciate Serie A you know those guys are legit.


If you have been around here long enough, you know I hate them, and don't put any stock in them until it is official. I will circle back on this after the Euro's but in the meantime if you read the following, walk away...

"Didac will come back, meaning Taiwo and Mesbah will be sold."

Reading this alone should make you spit out your food/drink/lunch. Bringing back an average player with no Serie A experience and selling the only true LB cover would be like saying, oh hey let's sell Zlatan and play Zigoni I hear he is alright!? It is rumors like these that make me shake my head, so I simply ask read every rumor with a grain of skepticism, but they are usually never true...