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Inter 4 Milan 2: The Nail in the Coffin

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First things first, congratulations to Juventus on their Scudetto win. While I still firmly contend and believe that this Title was more lost by Milan then it was won by Juventus, praise must be given to Antonio Conte. A shining example of what happens to a Coach who is allowed to do things HIS OWN WAY, and not meddled with by management. Someday Milan will be like this, then again, it probably won't.

On Sunday, around the 85th minute I saw the look on Allegri's face and felt his desperation. Not a few hours earlier the team I coached was bounced out of the State Cup on a late goal after keeping the score level for 85 minutes. Needless to say it wasn't the best footballing day of my life, and it wasn't Milan's either. Few teams can come back from 2 PK's in a match, but Inter, thanks to Stramaccioni, made sure Milan couldn't do it on this day. Sadly the young Coach will be probably be shown the door in favor of AVB in the summer, but then again it could be worse, Di Matteo may win the CL and still be shown the door. Welcome to the wonderful of football.

The match was certainly a bitter pill to swallow. To come back and take a 2-1 lead only to let it slip away, conceding four goals in the process leaves you wondering. We have talked about injuries, fatigue, and contributing factors ad- nauseum, but a I feel like even now it continues. Two players getting injured, Bonera and Abbiati, in one match and handcuffing the managers choices for substitutions leaves one feeling helpless. Maybe I wouldn't have gone with KPB or Robinho, see that neither have been in truly good form, then again, these players have played less of late so you can see the choices, but either way it is all hindsight. You also wouldn't expect howlers from Abate and Van Bommel this late in the season, but Van Bommel looks sluggish to meet the demands of the match and Abate has struggled this season without Rino to cover his back going forward. Abate will continue to learn and grow surely, but Van Bommel's days appear to be numbered.

The injury to Bonera did allow Allegri a bit of experimentation, choosing to deploy De Sciglio at LB despite his very right footed tendencies. It looked a bit like Antonini at times flying down the wing only to have the stop the call and cross with his right, but at his age a transition like this one seems more plausible, and may answer some questions. I would also be OK with seeing more of Urby back there, but his versatility in some many other roles makes him an asset to Allegri as not only a super sub, but a jack of all trades, but their will be plenty of time to discuss the future of this roster in the coming weeks.

Two more goals from Zlatan on the day, but I am sure for him, like me, in a loss it matters little. Instead his incredible record of Title runs has ended and I am sure he would trade in a few of those goals for a few more points in the table. Goals aren't everything, and in a season where certain matches we couldn't stop scoring them and others we couldn't start, it makes you reflect on how important preventing goals can be. So now we are left with a week of flux on a home game that will see off more than a few players. Strange place to be considering last season's triumph.