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The Obligatory Pre-Silly Season Post

I am in the midst of a week long business travel/personal travel extravaganza. The magic of the iphone means I can comment with the best of you, but I can't always post, so I am posting the obligatory pre silly season post for everyone's input in advance of the inevitable rumor mill churn. Some foolish fans say new coach, others, mainly Berlu say new strikers, but what does the rational fan want and need, that is the question.

So here it is, nice and simple, if you have 50M to spend for AC Milan how do you spend it. Who do you sell, and why? Who do you buy, and why? Let's be realistic people this is not FM and you can't buy eleven 19 year olds and really expect to win, let's do this right.

For me it is simple, priority one sell Pato to PSG. 35M is a pipe dream, but 25M may be obtainable. Use that money to buy Ogbonna and Astori immediatly. Mix them in with Silva, Acerbi, Abate, Antonini, and De Sciglio along with the veteran presence of Bonera and Mexes and you have progress. Sell Taiwo as well, call it failure and be done with it. Keep Merkel as the vice CAM, give that role back to KPB, and then you midfielder trio is comprised of Nocerino, Monty, Traore, Flamini, Ambro, Urby, and Strasser. Suddenly the team doesn't look so bad, and you have built it properly from back to front!

Your turn...