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Something to Mull Over...

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Do you love Andrea Pirlo? Do you miss the days of his flowing locks roaming the midfield of AC Milan? Do you think Allegri is a complete fool?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably need some counseling in letting go of the past, but you also need to ask yourself a few more questions that will lead up to tomorrow's tactics post.

Why was Pirlo rendered expendable?

Do you see any correlation to Silva's injury and Milan's decline this season?

Can you apply the same tactics year after year and expect the same result?

Go ahead, take a stab at these three questions, and on Thursday I will put a method to my madness and finally, hopefully for the last time, lay this Pirlo issue to rest once and for all. Thiago Silva's passing prowess rendered Pirlo obsolete and Allegri's willingess to work with the tools given made this Milan team something to build on, not something to scorn as many of you, OK maybe two of you, seem unable to grasp. But humor me, answer my questions so I can answer yours.