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Milan 2 Novara 1: So This is the End...

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There are times in life where change is necessary. If you are proactive you anticipate change and you evolve moving forward in search of new success. If you are reactive you wait until it is to late, you suffer the consequences and you then make the hard choices. Milan managed to do this with a little bit of both, and while it was difficult to see the emotion and the goodbyes, it is out of this change that a new Milan will be forged.

The match was nothing to excited, playeres seemingly in a walk through as both team's seasons had been marked as over. A few players brought their A-Game fighting for a job, a place, or even a new team. One such player for Milan was Aquilani, who after the match stated he could still remain, and after this performance you always support him in that regard. He played smart, simple, and efficient football to keep Milan moving forward despite conceding the early goal.

It was the second half that made the difference for Milan, Cassano, a huge catalyst since his return played Flamini for a great shot home. The much maligned Frenchman scored a goal, adding the tally of midfield goals on the season, but also bringing confidence in his choice to stay on at lower wages and to earn his place. But in true story book fashion it was the goal from Seedorf to Pippo that rocked the San Siro, one legend to another, and three points secure in a victory to send of the Old Guard with some style. You couldn't have written a better end, but to be honest when you saw Pippo enter the match you almost felt something like this would happen. Granted every player on the team seemed to share the same goal of finding Pippo, and he didn't dissapoint.

To be honest he never resonated with me the same way players like Rino, Maldini, and Nesta did. Always a bit of a mercenary in my mind, but always a player to bring his heart and soul into every match and every goal, so in that sense he has my utmost respect. The same can be said for Seedorf who has had an incredible career, with his most memorable moments in the Red and Black. The most difficult image for me was the tears of Rino Gattuso and his vow to return to the Club in some role.

I wish the entire old guard the best of luck in their new endeavors but I remind everyone as I stated early that often times change is necessary and change is good. Milan will be move forward now, hopefully with Allegri at the helm, to play good hard-nosed football. It is going to be an interesting off season, one of player influx, and with that will come growing pains but let the man lead this team forward, give him the tools he WANTS, not the toys that he doesn't. Sell players who are not willing to buy into the system and bring in players with something to prove and the desire to win. Titles are not won on pretty football and passing, they are won on heart, desire and strong defense. I can't speak for anyone when I say this, only for myself, but I am excited. Maybe it is excited apprehension, but I see progress and I see where this team can go if given time to achieve something, the question is do the majority of fans and management share my optimism? There will be plenty of time to discuss this all in the coming weeks, and I look forward to it. In the meantime thank you to the departing players and the joy you have given me as a fan of AC Milan.