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Thursday Milan Musings

Figured we can round up some news prior to the weekend...

-the postponed matches from last weekend will be made up on 4/25/12. This means there will be two matches next week, but a week off may have done the team well to recover from injuries and to slow down a hot Juventus team. All mathes are of the utmost importance through the end here so opponents, dates, and players available matter little, only the result.

-the arrival of Montolivo this summer is confirmed with details of the deal being revealed. It would apear he is the choice to replace Van Bommel/Ambrosini in the CDM role. Imagine Nocerino, Montolivo, Urby starting with Aquilani, Muntari, Merkel and Strasser to sub in while still having Prince/Urby/Merkel at CAM as well. Finally some depth and youth in key areas.

-there will be no move to Real Madrid says Zlatan. He is happy at Milan, but a mercenary will always be a mercenary. I have to admit he has been crucial to the rebirth of Milan under Allegri, but a pile cash could see Milan make a move for Van Persie while ridding ourselves of Pato to boot. Going to be an interest summer on the striker front.

-one striker who isn't going anywhere is Lopez who will be bought outright from Catania. I like what he has brough to the table but as we just discussed the striker positions and personnel may be changing dramatically at Milan.

-a striker who will not arrive is the Colombian starlet Muriel, Udinese owned and on loan to Lecce, it appears he will go back to Udine will he will further improve and his price will go up even higher only then to be sold to Barca or Madrid who still seem to playing with the UEFA's money, I mean house's money, I think you get my point. Both Inter and Milan have lodged interest, but as of now he is going back to Udine.

-a player coming back to Milan is a sight for sore eyes. Davide Astori should be making his round about return to Milan after being loaned, co-owned, sold and so on. Fester will be bringing him back with a deal apparently already in the works. A huge plus for Milan who can play Silva and Astori with Mexes as a rotational fill in.

-Sunday Milan play host to Bologna for a 9AM EST start. Bologna is a tricky opponent and players like Diamanti and Di Vaio mean they have the players to beat you in the right areas. Last match was a close one, and this one will be no different with points being valuable for all teams. Should be back later in the week with a preview.