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Chievo 0 Milan 1: Winning Ugly is still Winning

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I am not all that partial to "pretty" football, in fact would rather win ugly that lose pretty. I also have little regard for how we got the result as long as we get it. More often than not a team needs to win a game or two in ugly fashion to claim a Title and last season's Milan did just that. Yesterday, was that sort of win, in fact it was easily the ugliest of the season, and had Milan not won the match you couldn't complain, but we did and earned a crucial three points. The rest is simply details.

Details that are often forgotten come the end of the season but worth discussing now. Possession, shots, and passing numbers gave Chievo a strong advantage, but Milan's resilience was strong with a misfit eleven till plagued by injuries. The big story was De Scigliogetting a shake, in a totally makeshift back line that found a way to keep a clean sheet. I like the kid, think he has plenty of raw talent and should be considered the vice-Abate going forward, but he received little help from Rino Gattusowhose lack of match fitness was evident up until the minute he was removed. The lack of a functioning CDM pivot was also evident and further exacerbatedby the lack of a proper CAM. Milan's link from back to front was virtually non-existent and Muntari and Nocerino'swork rate was one of the saving factors in the match. Muntari was rewarded with a goal early and Milan simply held on, and for those who wonder why Muntarilets rip so often, it is simply law averages that eventually it will go in. Good things happen when team's shoot and I welcome the chances, especially when the team can't get out of it's own way in attack.

Speaking of the attack, it will be foolish to lambast Zlatan, Binho and El Sharaawiwhen the team was makeshift and the chemistry and cohesion was non-existent. I would love to say that when players get health this will improve but the question becomes when!? Seems like one player returns only to lose two more. In the end it was a toug win, maybe not deserved, but sometimes it happens. I mean was Juve's win over us "deserved" how about Barca's? So you see my point, at least we didn't rely on poor calls to earn this one, only our hard work!

Have to also give credit to Chievo, and for those wondering where our next CDM is coming from, he was playing for Chievo yesterday. He is American, and before you get your panties in a bunch about it, take a look at his last ten games or so, he has been stellar! Michael Bradley would be a great buy for Milan and hopefully Fester was watching, unlike the fans who can't appreciate an ugly win! To each his own I guess, three points in the bag and onto the next one. Here is hoping Lazio does us a favor, and we can take care of busines come the weekend.