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Every Dynasty Has to End

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Trust me I know, I grew up with one. In fact it was the AC Milan of my youth that was the last real dynasty. Perennial domestic cup winners, constant figures in the CL Finals and Semifinals. The funny thing is even then as they were building towards becoming this juggernaut of balanced football led by young unknown Coaches like Sacchi and Cappello, they didn't get respect when it came to Barcelona, seems like times changes but most things stay the same.

A small contingent of Milan fans will adamantly stand up and say this Milan team is rubbish. Why I don't know. They will say things like, "we are not building for the future," or " we are to cheap to buy players." They will even join the Barca-first media in writing Milan's eulogy before the whistle has blown the start of the first match. I on the other hand look at this team in an entirely different light. I believe we are in fact building, starting with trust and stability in our Coach, and the slow methodical process of adding players to replace the veterans that gave so much. The simple fact of the matter is even in the 90's dynasties were not built in a day. You also will never hear things from me like, "Well I like Milan, but I support Barca because they are fun to watch," or "They play pretty football. I can give a rat's because I want Milan back where it belongs, and what better way to do it then to rub in everyone's Barca loving face.

Yes I am angry. Angry that the first CL final I remember, I had to listen to pundits laud Cruyff's Barca and that Milan had no chance. I had to hear how Milan couldn't compete because Baresi was out injured or that our team couldn't handle the free flowing football. Now, seventeen years later it is the same old song and dance. Silva is hurt probably won't play, Milan is to old and slow to compete. Don't you think people would learn a bit from history? I am not saying it is going to be easy, in fact I am not even saying it is possible, but I sure as hell am not going to roll over and concede this tie. Do you think in 1994 Maldini and Cappello sat there and cried, no they had confidence and swagger and that is the same thing we want right now for Ibra and Allegri.

Can it be done? Of course, anything is possible, but I won't say it is going to be easy. What good things in life ever are? I will be back tomorrow with a more tactical piece about lineups and MIlan's keys to winning, but in the meantime I share something I have shared a million times. But I feel like the new site and new readers need to see it too. I have used this little video from a favorite indie movie of mine a few times. The Lion brings me back to my childhood fascination with Fossa Dei Leoni and part of the inspiration for the Blog's logo. The dialog is just the right mix of inspiration and combativeness that every person or team needs sometimes to get their head straight. Enjoy, back tomorrow with a tactics piece!