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Milan v Roma, A LiveBlog is in Order

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First match post on the new site, I feel like a LiveBlog is in order. Hope you can join in on the fun.


MILAN Official XI: Abbiati, Bonera, Mexes, Thiago Silva, Mesbah, Nocerino, Ambrosini, Muntari, Emanuelson, Ibrahimovic, El Shaarawy

ROMA Official XI: Stekelenburg, Rosi, Kjaer, Heinze, Taddei, Gago, De Rossi, Marquinho, Totti, Borini, Osvaldo.

0' Big one here for Milan pre Barca, not many of the big guns rested

0' Game is available stateside on ESPN3 for those looking for a way to watch.

0' Hoping Roma can actually do what they are trying to do and that is emulate Barca, a big practice test for us if they can make that happen.

0' Players coming out of the tunnel now, have to love the ESPN3 presentation. Just enough time to grab another Heinken here. Hopefully I will only need celebratory ones today.

0' Ugh Babs in the stands, I really can't stand her and it probably has a lot to do with Pato, but she just looks useless to me.

0' Mexes playing against his old team, hopefully he can keep his cool.

0' Announcers talking injuries, Milan hit the hardest in Serie A. Some fans say Milan is a miracle and then call Allegri a fool, incredible, big reason this team keeps chugging is because of the Coach!

0' Luis Enrique might have the second biggest chin after Jay Leno, geez. It's almost as big as Totti's ego!?

1' They are off at the San Siro

1' I think Heinze is as irritating to me as Cambiasso, how many times have we had to deal with him over the years!

2' Mesbah has his work cut out for him today with Borini

2' Urby puts a nice ball through, busy body already

3' Mesbah getting into the attack and gets hacked, no call, going to be chippy if early shoving stays around

4' I love Muntari's simple two touch football, wish more players kept things simple sometimes

5' Ibra looking a bit off with his passing, still ill from midweek maybe?

6' Roma weak at the fullbacks positions, hope Milan can pressure them into some mistakes today.

6' Comedy of errors for Roma, Heinze muffs and Steklenburg off his line almost does the same, Milan can't get on the ball

7' Bonera starting leads me to believe Antonini will play RB against Barca in the absence of Abate

8' Roma happy to give Zlatan space, mistake, Urby gets wide right and exploits the, you guessed it, Fullbacks! Poor effort on goal though.

9' Zlatan shoots from around 40 meters, doesn't even get the ball off the turf. WTF?!

10' Silva calls for a sub, PROBLEMS, Bonera to CB, Zambro to RB, CRUSHING BLOW HERE...fingers crossed. Body language says it is not good...

11' Zlatan on the ball for a FK in a good spot and forces a beauty from Stek, WOW, what a hit.

12' The save leads to a corner, Milan almost a get a chance. Seem to have taken Silva's injury to heart, go get the goal!

13' Milan preying on the space in front of the defense

13' Have to imagine Seedorf plays for Urby today, and Aqui can get back in. Nesta has to be fit come Tuesday as well!

16' Good build-up a raking ball from Muntari to Nocerino almost leads to a chance.

16' Heinze weak link in the back, ElSha goes close.

18' Roma showing the classic pitfalls of a poorly devised 4-3-3, no link in the midfield as there are few options for passing and second balls.

20' DDR gets seemingly his first touch on the ball, so much made of his potential move this summer, decides to stay in Rome, his loss.

21' Roma have a big of possession, but Milan break in a nice combination, El Sharaawi offside.

23' Ambro gets all ball, Roma player leaps into the air like Peter Pan, ref falls for it. Nice...they do something like Barca it appears.

24' Rosi runs by Muntari, and by runs I mean directly out of bounds!

25' Bonera playing as RCB, usually the cover back in Milan/Allegri's system, Mexes asked to pressure, rightfully so.

26' Milan filling in nicely behind the ball but giving up a bit of space in front of Mesbah

26' Roma waking up a bit, Milan need to keep it again, reestablish dominance.

27' Ambro plays a great long ball to Zlatan, but no dice

27' Milan build again, Mesbah a good low cross, Roma clear.

28' Muntari bulldozes the ball through the defense to Ibra, and Ibra goes down to easy in the box, should have just shot.

29' Muntari loves to have a crack whenever, I like that, good things happen when you shoot.

30' Mesbah almost bulldozes through as well

33' Milan earn another corner, played in and OVER by Urby, come on!

36' Milan get sloppy on defense but break well on the counter and give away possession on a long ball. Lots of interchange from Milan in the attack.

39' Corner for Roma, nothing, Milan win the ball but can't get it out of the back

40' Milan had three chances this half, no goal, Roma not even testing Abbiati, but game getting sloppy now

41' Great combination from Milan, El Sharaawi rips it off the right post, Johnny on the spot Nocerino can't hit it home and Zlatan can't either...Roma avoid a clear chance

42' Milan breaking down Roma with every attack, but need something to show for it, or this game will get difficult

43' Roma break, Bonera has to make a great clearance, poor guys always gets flack

44' Roma score, Osvaldo, poor clearance from Milan and against the run of play...awful

45' Disheartening, poor play, not deserved, so sloppy now. Wish I taught the dog to fetch some beers, could use one now after that.

46' One minute of extra time, Milan getting disjointed in attack.

HALF: Milan the far better team dictating play, but Roma score on a sloppy clearance and now they are in driver's in seat. Milan need to come out of the dressing room with some fire in the second half. Poor, need a drink...

STATS: Milan ten shots with five on goal, and nothing to show, while Roma score on their only clear cut chance. Poor.

47' Milan earn an early corner, need to score early and get back level, the second will come easy after that this Roma after all.

48' Abbiati with an error, Totti trys a chip, poor.

48' Milan playing scared here, not sure why

48' El Sharaawi has a hit, love that Milan is shooting but midfield runs are late

51' Milan builds well again, but no real finish procuct.

52' Ambro breaks into the box, has a rip, handball Roma! Though it was Heinze, would have been funny, DDR instead.

52' PK, Zlatan to take...

53' Zlatan Goal, Milan leve, time to go get the win!!

53' El Sharaawi doing great work this match, just as busy as Robinho, even livelier with the shot.

54' Boateng ready to join in on the action, should be for Nocerino...

55' Game getting chippy now, maybe a classic Roma red card? DDR? Totti? Osvaldo?

55' Looks like Urby instead, Prince to his natural CAM role for Milan, Nocerino never rested

56' Boateng has a rip, says I am back.

56' LE adding two more players, Totti off!? Wow, Krkic on. Borini off for Pjanic. LE happy with a draw? I mean Krkic can't score and Borini is your danger man? Odd...

58' Ibra looks rusty today.

58' Mesbah gets a yellow for cleaning up Rosi

59' Gago crosses the ball directly Milan, thats always nice.

59' Milan counter to Boateng, can't beat Rosi on the 1 v 1, a pass was in order.

60' Milan corner, good ball but no one on the end of it.

61' Mesbah has a left footed rip, off the defender off the keeper, Milan earn a corner.

62' Referee trying to gain control now, calling everything

62' Seedorf warming, where on Earth does he go in this setup!? Stay on the bench please.

63' Do you think ElSha does Boateng's hair for him?

64' Wow Roma plays go down with ZERO contact from Bonera, ref awards a FK from about 40M

65' Roma take the FK, blocked by El Sharaawi, take note strikers who Duck. Milan break, earn a corner, missing numbers.

66' Zambro having a howler of a match

66' ElSha is a beast today, wants the ball, loves to challenge 1 v 1

68' FK from Ibra, skied over the bar

69' DDR gives Zlatan a swift kick the face as he stoops down for the ball, not exactly the two players you want mixing it up. Hot heads are never a good mix.

70' Milan starting to lose the midfield battle, not a good sign. Were dominant early in that area

70' Roma break foward through that midfield, Mesbah blocks Gago's shot for a corner.

71' Zlatan forces a huge save from Stek, what a save.

73" Muntari bags it off the crossbar, bar still rattling, what a hit. Wow Muntari, Milan pouncing on Roma's defense mistakes.

74' Milan still attacking

75' El Sharaawi, so many touches today, always coming for the ball, always dropping back to help, what a game. Deserves a goal her for sure.

76' Announcers remind me of a funny point, the Roma circus will become a Roma amusement park after signing with Disney's Wide World of Sports. Totti meet Mickey Mouse...thats going to be a tough spotlight to share.

79' LE makes his third sub, interesting really, rebukes classic idea to save a sub in case of injury or keeper red card. Granted only ten minutes left. So Lamela on for Gago.

81' Milan running out of time in this one, match slowing down to a crawl and certainly don't want to drop two points at home.

81 Nocerino is quite the handsome devil after a shave.

82' Abbiati makes a great save on a knuckle ball of a shot

83' Ibra scores out of nothing for a double, what a goal, Roma players all forward, Zlatan pounces!!!

84' Time to stay strong for 7 minutes or so.

85' What a ball to Prince who takes it on the fly but offside, what a strike.

87' Allegri goes to 4-5-1, El Sharaawi off for Aquilani, LE take note, in Italy we sub late to preserve points at home, not early to piss them away.

90' Four minutes of stoppage time, maybe that was LE's plan, make three subs to get more time at the end!?

91' Word on Silva is either a muscular injury or ankle injury...

91' Milan looking to keep the ball here and take the sting out of the game, Roma can't attack if they don't have the ball.

92' Roma struggled on their right flank tonight.

92' Boateng some fancy footwork

93' Milan allow Roma out of the back, Muntari hacks them down and gets a yellow,

FT Milan 2 - Roma 1

Thanks for being here at the first LiveBlog and win at the new home!!!