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Juventus 2 Milan 2: Juve Through to the Final

I think popular opinion may be a bit of relief that Milan is out of the Coppa Italia with no injuries and that we are moving onto Barcelona. In a sense I agree, but to be close, push them to overtime, and overturn a 2-1 deficit away from home, I can't help but feel disappointed. I really felt that a Domestic Double was the next logical step in the building of Allegri's Milan and that winning both would be a statement as we began an assault on Europe, but that doesn't seem to be the case, and in turn CL expectations will most likely go up, instead of be tempered, but that is a discussion for another day. Instead let's turn our attention to the 2-2 result.

There were a few notable talking points in the match, and while I don't plan on hitting them all I do want to point out a few:

-Allegri's lineup was a bit odd, it was like he was taking the match seriously, but not to seriously. The positive for me was that player looking to impress really stepped up, say Maxi Lopez, while others failed to impress or looked disinterested. Good teams compete on three fronts every season so the Coach needs to use that to play the right players who will give their all no matter the match.

-Both goals were solid from Milan with good buildup and finish. Lopez's was a stellar individual effort where other player's would have flopped and looked for the call. While Mesbah's was a great pass and run combination. Lopez played well for the entirety of his shift, but Mesbah continues to struggle on the defensive side of the ball, can he learn? Of course, but will he is the real question?

-Mexes had an unusually poor day at the Office, the slip that led to the ADP goal was a travesty but the rest of his choices seemed off and he struggled with his passes. Was hoping he could play against his old team, but maybe he needs to rested for Barca, tough call. In the off season I said he was prone to inconsistency, there you have it.

-Missing Ambro and Van Bommel was directly evident on the Vucinic goal. Once Allegri subbed Nocerino on the midfield organization went south and the fact that Vucinic had acres of space was no surprise. Midfielders should have been pressing that ball, but the question becomes who? Did Urby and Nocerino switch sides? Who was the CDM?! To many questions that if answered tactically could have helped prevent the goal.

So Juventus progress and Milan are left a bit exhausted and two monumental games in the next week. Crunch time, are you nervous yet? Back with a Roma preview and hopes of a live blog on the weekend as a make up for my sporadic posting of late!