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Barcelona It Is...

In order to the be the best, you have to beat the best. Not only will Milan defeat Barcelona, they will defeat every single fanboy who shamelessly walks around and says, "I like my team and then Barcelona." They will defeat every pundit who believes there is only way to play football, and finally they will remind every single team emulating the Barca-style that before Barcelona there was AC MILAN!

Despite the assurances of the Best Player in the World, Pep Guardiola does not want to tackle the mighty Rossoneri again.

In search of an easier draw, the Barcelona manager stated that he wants to avoid AC Milan in quarter-final stage, owing this decision to their remarkable pedigree in the continental competition.

"I would like to avoid Milan in the quarter-finals," the former Spain international said.

"We have already played [twice] and they are one of the biggest clubs in Europe.”

Guardiola would like an easier route to the final, but accepted that they will have to overcome the best European clubs to deserve a place in the final.

"However, to reach the final in Munich, there is still so much to accomplish and above all, there remains the need to clash with the best."

Can't wait for this one!