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UEFA's "Random" Draw

So tomorrow UEFA will put a bunch of neutral ping pong balls not affected by temperature or any tampering whatsoever and then call upon some newly fat former footballer to pull them out in random order to determine the next round of the CL. It will most likely end up as follows:

Chelsea v RM
Bayern v APOEL
Barca v OM
Milan v Benfica

Totally random right!? I mean why give Barca tough game now? Why not pit Jose against his former love? Why not give Bayern an easy pass to Barca in the final to reward the Bundesliga? All factors no one in UEFA has even remotely considered right? We shall see!

All kidding aside, what is your draw and who do you want Milan to play? Tough game for Napoli yesterday and I want to reiterate something I said in the comments yesterday regarding the ever present coefficient discussion. Napoli did their part, in exciting noble fashion; it is the rest of Serie A that needs this pride. I now fully hope Napoli finishes in the 3rd spot!

"I have always looked at it this way, Milan should ALWAYS be in the top 3, if not we have a problem. The teams fighting for that third/fourth spot are the ones who should step it up in Europa. Milan have done their part and we should be in the top 3 everyone else needs to be accountable on that one."