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A Little Break

As many of you are well aware, the Italian National team takes on the US National team this Wednesday. A pretty exciting prospect for an Italian American such as myself, who finds himself more often than not, rooting for my home land over my mother land. Why you ask? Because somewhere deep down and inside I feel like the US can someday achieve something great in this sport, or maybe it is because I am certified to Coach by the United States Soccer Federation system, and my allegiance is to those that trained me. Either way, the match will be an entertaining one to showcase Prandelli and Klinsmann's progress with their respective squads.

Due to this International Friendly occasion I will be taking a few days off. I have some personal and footballing matters to attend to and will be back in earnest for a Palermo preview on Friday. If I can sneak in a tactics post regarding the goals from midfield I will most definetely do so, in the meantime I ask you to keep doing what you have been doing so well over the last few days, and that is foster a great discussion. Thank you for that!