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Welcoming Torino Back to Serie A

The good old days are back, two trips to Torino a season!

Roberto Serra

Milan and Torino have had a long history. Both Club's have enigmatic Owners and for better or worse both those whack jobs are buddy buddy. So much so that Torino once held the position that Genoa does now, a Milan B squad! In fact two players who were once Milan youth products Simone Verdi and Matteo Darmian still remain at Toro, while Abate and Oduamadi have come and gone. It's odd to think that Darmian, a RB with tremendous promise never truly established himself at AC Milan and goes to show how fickle youth can be. Milan's loss becomes Toro's gain in this case and the loan and co-own circle of life continues on. Who knows maybe Ogbonna comes this way this summer!

I do have to give Torino some credit though, a team from my past, who was relegated and worked their way back up. The road is long but they gave it their all last weekend in the Turin Derby and are making progress. Will they last the season? Not sure, but if any team has done the promotion right it is Torino and deserves a stay. But enough about our opponent, let's talk Milan.

Allegri rested much of the starting lineup and the big question is will their be a CL hangover, or will momentum from the previous week successes continue? Abate and Antonini return fit, but based on recent performances from Constant and DeSciglio those fella's can relax on the bench while they return to match fitness. Abbiati should be clear to start but Montolivo will most surely be a game time decision. With that said, the choice for formation is fairly simple, have a lot of forwards? Techinical midfielder on the shelf? Best play 4-3-3. I hate it, but sometimes you are left with no choice...

Abbiati; DeSciglio, Acerbi, Mexes, Constant; Urby, NDJ, Nocerino; Binho, Pazzo, ElS

Acerbi earned the start for me, and Robinho while not as sharp as he could be has done well of late. This formation also gives you a bit of a flexibility with both Binho or El Sharaawy dropping deep to support Pazzini's strength in possession. Pazzo may not score in this one, but he will do the little things creating space and holding possession, pay attention and you will be rewarded.

Game time is Sunday 9AM EST, hoping for a live blog so look forward to seeing you here!