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CL: Milan v Zenit

Time to give the youngsters a run out!?

Claudio Villa

I find it absolutely hilarious that some people are expecting and or looking for wholesale changes to today's squad. These are probably the same people who blame Coaches for player injuries and think that a prerequisite to being a good Coach is pulling the trigger on subs!? Now back here in reality, wholesale changes can effect team chemistry and understanding and resting players in advance of the impending holiday break can even create a bit of a rust, or in the case of Ducky, a bit of panzone, Italian for belly, in case you didn't know! Why jeopardize the team's chemistry and teamwork that has been progressing the last month of football, it would be simply foolish.

So as a Coach you ask yourself who absolutely needs a rest and then you ask yourself who earned the start. Few guys here and there, but don't play Niang, Zapata, and Cristante simply because. Just giving things to be people never benefited anyone anyway.