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January Fire Sale

Post Holiday Bargains, No Refunds!

Ned Dishman

Here in the States the biggest sales are before Christmas, but here at the ACM Offside, the biggest sales come in January and it's time these players pack their bags! Granted you need people willing to buy in order to sell, so here's the pitch...


Is their anyone left on this Planet who can defend this character? If so, he is yours for 10M Euros! I wish it were that simple. What was once a player with lightning speed and fearless nose for goal, has been rendered a shell of his former self. Injuries robbed him of his pace, and instead of progressing like a proper footballer who would tactically improve each and every season he has regressed. No idea when to pass, no idea when to shoot, and needs the ball played delicately on his injury prone foot to score a goal he has become more figment of people's imagination than footballer. Last season Milan had an offer of 35M from PSG, foolishly a love triangle kept him at AC Milan, now an offer of that magnitude is sadly analogous to his playing career long gone. Anything will be a boon now, be it 10M or 15M, just don't do anything like a loan with a buyout clause of 50M if he scores 10 goals, because sadly he won't.


I still remember the game in which Arsenal stifled Kaka and handed AC Milan their first loss at the San Siro in the Champions League. It was after that match that Milan began the turning the gears of bringing Flamini the Red and Black. He can play anywhere in midfield, a destroyer with the ability to pass and get forward. He can play LB or RB, and he can man mark better than anyone in Europe. If ever a player's skill set was embellished this was it. His refusal to play LB when Carletto desperately needed him to was the first straw for me, his inability to do anything of use from that point forward was the last. A headless chicken incapable of reading the game whose idea of a challenge is a two-footed studs up tackle aimed not at the ball, the customary target, but the shins of his opponent. His wages alone make him a waste, and while I commend for sticking around at lower wages this seasons, he did it more to play his way out because nobody wanted him.


Full disclosure I never liked him. He was a walking Red Card at Roma and when the opponent needed a goal or momentum shift they simply picked on Mexes. He has grown up tremendously, but Milan needs a leader at the back and instead of stepping up and being that guy Allegri had to turn the aging Yepes. Thankfully the Colombian stepped up and now Mexes is in a battle against Zapata and Acerbi for the next starting spot. My take, why hinder those two when Arsene Wenger can use another temperamental Frenchman to add to his band of headcases.


This one is tough for me, I have blown hot and cold on Mr. Boateng. Once a "Prince" in my eyes his no nonsense hard nosed football in his first season gave Robinho and Zlatan the space to reign and roam the attacking third on the way to a scudetto. His second season was marred by injuries and suddenly he was in the news more for his off the field escapades then his on the field escapadtes. Enter this summer, Milan sell players and hand him the #10 shirt. Instead of coming to work the way he did in his first season he suddenly fancies himself a technically astute player with an eye for flair and selfishness!? Kevin, memo for you, #10's are earned and so are the right to be the team's best player, in the meantime do your job. Play hard, keep it simple, and if not find you way to a January exit.